Discover the easiest way to help clients or students move through stress and anxiety

In This Workshop You Will Learn

  • The History of TRE®

  • The Art and Science of TRE®

  • The Anatomy of Trauma

  • The Neurology, Psychology & Physiology and of stress and trauma

  • The Polyvegal Theory   

  • The latest research on trauma

  • Safety protocols and self-regulating strategies

  • TRE® as a Personal Practice

Upcoming Training Dates


Module 1

Intro to TRE®

May  14, 15  2022 or June 4, 5 2022

Christine possesses

a rare combination of both personal and professional connection. I continue to draw on her experience and knowledge to guide me along my provider journey. 

April Newton

TRE Provider, Yoga Teacher


Her wisdom and kindnesswere the light that kept me going forwardwithout being afraid of falling down. If it weren’t forTRE and this incredible program that helped meto find a real and solid solutionto my CPTSD condition. 

Montasir Mohammed

TRE Provider Engineer

Meet your Trainer



I'm Christine and I truly believe TRE is magic, that we all deserve to feel good and be well.  My professional background is in education. My passion is Wellness. I've been an educator and exercise and yoga instructor for over 35 years. Movement kept me sane, kept some of my stress managed and helped regulate my mental health. What exercise didn't do...


Q. How many Modules are in the Certification Program?


Q. What is the difference between Modules?  

     Module 1 - Personal Practice
     Module 2 - Learn to Teach 1 person

     Module 3 - Learn to Teach more than 1 person (group)

Q. Can I take Module 1 only and then decide if I want to continue?


Q. Do I have to take all 3 Modules to be able to teach to others?


Q. Do you have a payment plan?

     Yes, details shared when we connect

Q. How long does the Certification Program typically last?    

     1 year or more for some
Q. Do you have a Cancellation Plan, cause life happens, and  I have to put training on hold?          

     Yes, we'll chat about it and see what works best for you
Q. How many are in a cohort?

     No more than 10

Q. I don't have body based professional experience. Can I still become a Provider?



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