"My trigger of being late or being on time (from childhood sexual assault) is gone or at least diminished greatly..." 


"I failed Anger Management at the hospital twice. When my wheelchair broke three different times, I didn't throw it across the room.....this stuff really works!" 

JOAN S, Eau Claire, WI

"After one TRE session...I woke up the next morning and didn't have a craving for my pills (opioids).....that's never happened."

HEATHER P, Eau Claire WI

TRE is my weekly calm! It allows me to get through the week without extreme highs and lows - it evens out the bumpy parts. It's my one hour of "me" time that has immediate and long lasting compounding benefits." 

Deb V,  Eau Claire WI


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next to The Community Table in downtown Eau Claire

Photography courtesy of Renee {B}arth Photography