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every living organism on the planet experiences trauma


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                                                              Neurogenic Tremors Training (TRE) for Stress & PTSD                                                                     A Controlled Clinical Trial VA Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona) Download




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I was first introduced to TRE at a class I attended in Arizona. At first, I thought it a bit strange, but as I learned about the theory behind it and its benefits, I became intrigued. Many of those attending had had trauma resulting from auto accidents, abuse earlier in life, loss of a spouse or child or fear of being harmed in some way. As the 4 week class developed, people began to report feeling less worried and having fewer memories of past tensions. This program works, and I look forward to having classes offered locally. While TRE can be practiced by yourself in your own home, it can be fun to do it as part of a group. Give it a try!


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