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I work with the best people

so impressed and grateful for each unique experience and for Christine's expertise and gentle guidance. She creates a safe space for the body to process stress and trauma and to let it go. It is an expansive and mindful process of recognizing, accepting, and observing at a physical and conscious or unconscious level and allowing it to flow through you. It is truly transformative and the more you do it the better it gets!

"I am

Carleen Sterner, MD. Mom, Ayurveda Practitioner, Laugher Yoga Teacher
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"She brings 

a wide and varied background of fitness knowledge to everything she does. Her organic energy and intuitive nature is what makes her a wonderful teacher.  Christy's  personal sense of humor bring a new dynamic to her classes as well.  It is a privlege to include her among my friends.                        

LeeAnn Richards, Mom, Restorative Yoga Teacher

"My recovery

journey over the last few years was very difficult. I often didn’t have much to look forward to because I had completely destroyed every aspect of my life.
I found myself each week looking forward to my sessions with Christine.


It brought so much joy into my life because I knew that no matter what chaos I might be experiencing, I was going to meet Christine for yoga. It was a time designated to focusing on myself, recharging, debriefing, and escaping from life in a positive way. 
It was a constant in my life and made me feel special because someone was devoting their time to focus on me, which was wonderful.


It was a safe space where I could be my authentic self, be cherished as a person, and accepted. Christine’s love and acceptance for those in recovery created this environment,
along with her love for self-help and personal growth.  

LL, Mom, Yoga Lover, Foodie
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inherent people skills which allow her to support and encourage children and adults alike to achieve desired goals.   With her encouragement and teaching she has given many children as well as adults the tools to move forward, to be healthy and to live life fully.  I have learned much from her and hope to continue to have her “influence” me for many years to come.

"She has

Judy Herrell, Speech & Language Pathologist, Mom, Yoga Lover