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     Tension & Trauma Release Exercise



Seven simple exercises used to release daily stress, chronic tension and past trauma.
It leaves you with a feeling of deep relaxation and brings us back to a feeling of “ahhh”.


TRE is based on the fundamental idea, backed by research, that stress, tension & trauma is both psychological & physical. TRE's reflexive muscle vibrations/shaking generally feel pleasant & soothing.

It's designed to be a self-help tool, that once learned, can be practiced independently or added to another wellness practice.


Dr. David Berceli

TRE Founder

  the tremor mechanism (the shaking) is the letting go to get back to homeostasis

I thought that I discovered the secret to happiness & wellness when I began my yoga journey & combined it with cardio. But when I was introduced to TRE,

it was a game changer.  


  • less interpersonal conflict

  • decreased symptoms of PTSD

  • decreased muscle and back pain

  • increased resiliency

  • decreased reactivity

  • sense of calm on the inside

  • less angst, worry and irritability

​TRE is to the body, what meditation is to the mind. Anyone can do it anywhere at anytime.

simple. accessible. fun. engaging 

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