I truly believe that actionable Wellness & TRE are the missing magic we all need now. I've been a teacher, movement and exercise geek for over 35 years. Movement kept me sane, kept my stress managed and helped regulate my mental health. What exercise didn't do was get at the deep uncomfortable feeling that a lot of us  feel and understand but can't quiet explain. Let me teach you TRE or teach you how to teach TRE to others and help spread this simple sustainable body based healing practice to the world. 

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My Story

Why is TRE so important to me? Trigger warning...

As someone with a history of childhood sexual trauma I spent much of my life feeling bad, feeling uncomfortable in my skin. Feeling “not good enough”. It wasn’t until I took my first aerobic class (moving to music, laughing, having fun – yes in awful leotards) in college, that I finally started to FEEL normal. The key word here is “FEEL”. 


When I was younger, I withdrew or avoided anything that made me uncomfortable, if I could. When I felt uncomfortable, my mind would frequently go numb to cope. Fuzzy brain I call it (like sleep deprivation or a hangover, you can’t process things clearly). I didn’t know why I felt or acted that way, I just did. Only friends and  fun would make me feel better.

In my first go round with college, being with friends, drinking and dancing made me feel better, but the day after was usually hell. I loved to dance. Movement was magic and my body knew it. But it hated the afters from the night of partying. 

The flip side of thosee three years of my life I was also blessed to discovered aerobics . To me, this was similar to dancing, but I ACTUALLY FELT BETTER the next day. I was hooked and felt amazing. I was comfortable in my skin for the first time. I was moving! I was FEELING better. Life began to get easier (as long as I kept moving).


Over the years, I became an instructor. I taught everything I could. I loved moving. I needed to move, to sweat and laugh because when I didn’t, even for a few days, I would feel bad again. . There was always an overall feeling of "I suck" or "I feel like crap" or "I'm not good enough". I also was in constant motion cleaning (because clutter is chaos. I needed to control my surroundings.) Subtext here…”if I could control my surroundings then there will be no surprises and no chaos”. Uh huh….

At some point life happened: marriage, children, divorce, single parent, career change and more. By now exercise alone wasn’t enough. My body was cranky. I had a chronic backache and wicked tension in my neck, debilitating heartburn (so bad I ended up in the ER), was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease….I could go on. Chronic/toxic stress had moved in.

Ta da! Lucky for me, yoga found me. How could stretching, sitting still and breathing on purpose benefit me? It was EXACLTY what my body craved. Exercise meets yoga, the perfect pairing. I noticed the difference again between how I felt when I did this daily, versus when I didn’t. When I didn’t, my resilience went south, I could go from a nice rational mommy to mental medusa mommy in a heartbeat and then would feel bad (shame) for overreacting.


Almost eight years ago, I was introduced to TRE. It felt different than other body based things I'd done. It taught me about trauma and how the body naturally responds (as a built in survival tool). My friends and family started saying things like, "You seem much more calm." I was and that internal crappy feeling started to get smaller.


I continue to learn more about myself through the practice of TRE on a regular basis. It is a gift. What I also know is that what happened to me as a child I could not control. What I can control, is how I manage myself now, through self care, self love and more. 

Dr. Berceli (creator of TRE) said, "The body is designed to move." I added to that, "Movement is freedom" and for those of us who have felt like a prisoner in our own bodies, movement is key.  I believe deeply that we all need and deserve wellness, that we all need and deserve to be healthy and we all need and deserve to feel good.


Movement is the magic we all need to feel better. Exercise is Medicine. Laughter heals and TRE is the missing magic that goes deep to a place I never dreamed I could get to in my own body. It's like having an internal itch that finally gets scratched.  It brings life, movement and energy (vibration) to a place that has been (numb) kept so protected out of fear and pain. 




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I'm always looking for new and exciting people to meet, connect with and share TRE (psst it's magic). Let's chat!