I believe we All deserve to feel good. Are you ready to do the work?

move your body. heal trauma. feel better


Are you ready to heal. Your mental wellness depends on it!
 I'll teach you the easiest, most sustainable body based practice for ANXIETY, STRESS & OVERWHELM.

We all need a little MAGIC right now. TRE is Magic. 
Radical times require radical healing and a little magic.
Then we can move those mountains.

I believe

When we heal our shit.
We heal generations to come.
That's power! 

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Learn the Art and Science of TRE and how to turn it into a Personal Practice for deep lasting change.


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Learn how to teach TRE to others and empower them with the tool to make a life changing impact.

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"I find this 

a remarkable thing. It blew my mind. 
Some of the most amazing work and amazing experience that I've had in any form of therapy.

Such a simple method and results so dramatic."

Dr. Andrew Weil, Father of Integrative Medicine


"After 30

years of working out, practicing yoga, going to therapy, reading the right books, trying to meditate, eating the right foods, self-medicating and more. I've finally found what makes me feel better at a deep cellular level. TRE is what has helped get to the root of my shit and had a profound impact on my mental health. I'm calmer, less reactionary and a much better mom. I also now understand the physiological effects that trauma has on us. I can give myself grace a little for some of the things in my past.

Christine Varnavas, MS, Anandaworks Owner,
Yoga Teacher, TRE Trainer Trainee

"Helplessness is 

a universal state for people overwhelmed by traumatic stress. Gaining control over their symptoms, their body and their life's an essential part of the healing process.


TRE is a powerful tool to achieve this. I  have personally used TRE and have taught it to friends and patients with remarkable results."


Robert Scaer, MD Author of "The Body Bears the Burden:
Trauma Dissociation and Disease"

I want to help you heal
your shit & find your happy. 

 xo  Christine